Hi! I\’m Dr. Rob and I knew you would visit

There was a stretch were I was getting a good number of people coming to this blog after searching for the term: "Dr. Rob Psychic."

I was thrilled. People were coming to my website because they thought I was psychic. Perhaps I was one of the Psychic Friends! From what I can tell, this paranormal stuff happens when you least expect it. It starts out as you are just a normal guy and then suddenly you realize you have had powers all along. Perhaps these visits are from psychic recruiters who sense my psychic potential and want to draw it out.

Come to think of it, I was feeling these sort of cosmic vibrations moving through my inner self. It happened last Tuesday. It lasted for about 20 minutes. I think it was cosmic vibrations. It got better after I took some Gas-X. Does that help cosmic vibrations?

So the plot thickened when I did a Google search for "Dr. Rob Psychic." It turns out there is no Dr. Rob who is a psychic. Whoa! That really makes me wonder if this is not a visit from the paranormal. Maybe it is one of the Psychic Friends! Maybe it is one of the Superfriends!

If it was, I hope it wasn\’t the guy on the right.

Anyhow, I was wondering about what in my blog would lead people to think I have psychic potential. Maybe it has to do with goats.

There is a new book out, called The Men Who Stare at Goats, by Jon Ronson, which tells the story of some incredible people within the military. I will let the NY Times review tell the story:

Take the goats of the title: Mr. Ronson cites a hundred of them. He says that they have been hidden at a Goat Lab at Fort Bragg in North Carolina and de-bleated for security reasons.

They have been used in top-secret experiments by psychic spies whose existence is not officially acknowledged by the United States Army. Military psychics are so well hidden that they aren\’t covered by the Army\’s coffee budget. It makes them cranky to have to bring their own coffee to work.

"The damn psychic spies should be keeping their damn mouths shut, instead of chitchatting all over town about what they did." So says retired Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III, the first of the many characters redolent of "Dr. Strangelove" who are found in this jaw-dropper of a – hard to believe, but, yes – nonfiction story.

Some of these experts contend that a goat\’s heart can be stopped by the intense gaze of a certain kind of supersoldier. "Goat didn\’t have a chance," one of these tough guys tells Mr. Ronson. Such fighters sometimes refer to themselves as Jedi Warriors, because the thinking about their occult superpowers dates back to early "Star Wars" days. It was then that the post-Vietnam military, demoralized and fiscally hamstrung, was ready to try anything in the way of intangible new weaponry.

I have never gotten a call from Mr Ronson. I am not certain if he has visited my website. But I can assure anyone who reads this blog that I never would use my psychic powers to kill a goat. I have scruples, you know.

It looks like an interesting book.

So maybe it is my obsession interest in llamas that made me look like a psychic wanna-be. There is a ranch in Ontario, Canada (PA, I think you can visit it if you want!) where psychic communication with animals happens:

For the past 25 years, tens of thousands in America have called upon an Animal Communicator to find a lost pet, to help heal emotional/physical traumas, to transform or understand behaviors, to prepare for death and know if their animal needs euthanasia or just because they want to know what their companion animal is thinking and feeling.

Over the past years Elisabeth\’s Llama Ranch has been the host for many of Caroline Leroux\’s workshops. As a professional Animal Communicator, Caroline has successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of animals and their people including many of those living on our farm! Elisabeth\’s Llama Ranch has also been the set for one of Caroline\’s multiple appearances on TV.

Caroline abides by the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators that was formulated in 1990 by pioneer Animal Communicator, Penelope Smith. Caroline is on Penelope Smith\’s referral list which can be found at: www.animaltalk.net.

Elisabeth\’s Llama Ranch was featured on the TV Show "Pet Psychic" in the Series \’Magnificent Obsessions\’.

Now it seems we are getting somewhere. They even have workshops on how to telepathically communicate with animals. I suspect that one of the llamas (maybe the one in the picture) telepathically told Elizabeth that I would be a good candidate for one of the workshops. Gosh, she was even on the show "Pet Psychic!"

I could find no link between Accordions and Psychics. Perhaps psychics are smarter than I thought. Or even more intriguing: maybe the energy put off by an accordion blocks psychic energy, creating a sort of anti-psychic force-field. Wow, we\’d better research that one. How about it, Clark?

So I have some questions I would like to ask any psychic visiting. You don\’t have to respond in the comments section, you can send me responses telepathically:

  1. Did you know I would ask this first question?
  2. Have you ever killed a goat?
  3. Do you have Caller ID?
  4. What\’s in your stock portfolio?
  5. What language to llamas communicate in?
  6. Does Dionne pick up the lunch tab?
  7. If I do become a psychic, will I still need my Palm Pilot?
  8. What\’s worse for psychics, accordions or Abba?
  9. Have any psychics been on the show Deal or No Deal?
  10. Could you call my friend Flea? He needs whatever help he can get.