Five Reasons Why I Blog

It has been nearly two weeks since I was tagged by Vijay at Scanman\’s notes.  I have not been ignoring Vijay; life is just full of…stuff.  Here goes.

Reason 1: I have come off of my medication

Generally when I am well-medicated, I tend to sit around smiling at people, nodding my head until they get nervous.  When I come off of the medications (especially the strong ones), I get into trouble.  This is a perfect venue to cause such trouble.

Where else can you post a picture of a goat dancing to accordion music?

Reason 2:  Global Warming

The world is getting hot.  The icecaps are melting.  This raises my core temperature by a small amount, acting on my hypothalamus which then makes me desire to write about llamas.  I am not sure why this is the case, but it was in that Al Gore movie, so I believe it.

Reason 3:  Free Taco Salad

Is there any better reason to do anything??

Reason 4:  It is my first step toward global dominance

My plan is to blog and get a following large enough that people will rally behind me if/when I stage a coup.  I figure that Bolivia may be the best place to start, since they are pretty much bored with coups.  They generally have a coup on Wednesday nights after bingo.  People shouldn\’t really bat an eye when I ascend to leadership.  I will then apply the global political theory I have learned by playing Risk and move to North Africa.  After that, it should be smooth sailing (Unless I roll a lot of 1\’s).

Reason 5:  Fear Factor did not accept my application

I desperately wanted to eat bugs that had gone through a blender, yet for some reason they felt that I would not fit in.  I have been crushed ever since (like the bugs, kinda) and so pour my emotions out on my blog.

Bonus Reason:

If I stop blogging, Juho will beat me up.