Musings for 3/28 – Spring Break (and stinky feet)


It is good to have grand rounds out of the way.  I honestly was at a loss of how to tie in Tom and Jerry to the posts without making it seem contrived.  I was glad for the flash of inspiration when it came.  I did not want to break my promise with C.

I do have to apologize to Signout, who I inadvertently left out of the post.  If I left anyone else out, it was entirely due to defects in my gray mater.


I learned several things doing PGR this time:

  1. Shinga supplies nearly all of your content.  She sends you e-mails with lots of good links.
  2. There are some great writers in the pediatric world.  I really got a lot out of reading them.
  3. If Sandy posts something about you on Junkfood Science, it will supply you with traffic for years to come.  She must have some heavy traffic.
  4. Oh yes, I have to confess that I broke my pledge to stop following traffic on my Site Meter.  It is really fun to follow it after something like grand rounds.  I\’ll put my patch on again once this clears up.


Coming in a close second to PGR in traffic was my blog about stinky feet.  What is it about stinky feet that has so caught the public fancy?  It is almost as good as random questions.

Yesterday got an e-mail from a gentleman with some very interesting information (seriously):

It turns out, that stinky feet are something that
bears on my research into commensal autotrophic
ammonia oxidizing bacteria.  I have found, that such
bacteria can live long term (years) on the skin,
subsisting solely on sweat residues.  They are
obligate autotrophs, and derive ATP only from
oxidizing NH3 into nitrite.  The nitrite that they
produce suppresses heterotrophic bacteria, including
the bacteria that cause odor.  The odor of stinky
feet, and also the odor otherwise known as B.O.

You mention that you have stinky feet (from your
parents).  A culture of these bacteria applied to the
feet would be effective in eliminating that odor.

Wow.  Who\’d have thought that a simple post about stinky feet and colon cleansing could lead me to such seriously interesting stuff?  There\’s a whole bunch more, but I don\’t want to put it out there without permission.  The guy may have a cure for stinky feet!!

The Internet is a fun place.


I am going to take a break for the next week or so.  I am going camping with my boys over the weekend and just need a break from blogging.  I\’ll check for comments, but no new stuff for about a week.  Hopefully I can come up with some fascinating new topics that can take the Internet by storm.

Or I may just write about accordions.